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New Books on Ethics (2019) Recommended by Dr. Gordon E. Carkner

Science and the Good: the tragic quest for the foundations of morality by James Davison Hunter and Paul Nedelisky

The Science of Virtue by Mark McMinn

The Language Animal: the full shape of the human linguistic capacity. by Charles Taylor

Compiled and Annotated by James Bretzke

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Individual Online Bibliographies Updated Periodically

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Bioethics Bibliography [Last update: May 2, 2015]

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Casuistry in Moral Theology Bibliography [Last Update May 1, 2014]

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Comparative Ethics Bibliography [Last update: June 24, 2011]

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Conscience Bibliography [Last update: March 31, 2015]

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Culture Bibliography [Uploaded April 18, 2015]

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Donum Vitae Related Key Bibliography [Uploaded November 14, 2012

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Ecumenical Ethics Bibliography [Updated: August 6, 2015]

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Environmental & Ecological Ethics Bibliography [Uploaded August 20, 2012]

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Evil and Compromise in Moral Theology Bibliography [Last update: August 18, 2015]

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Fundamental Moral Theology & Christian Ethics Bibliography [Last update: August 1, 2015]

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Fundamental Option Theory Bibliography [Uploaded July 28, 2014] [uploaded July 28, 2014]

Globalization & Ethics Bibliography [Last update: July 5, 2011]

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History of Moral Theology Bibliography [Last Update August 23, 2014]

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Human Rights Bibliography [Updated: August 25, 2014]

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Humanae Vitae Bibliography [Uploaded August 23, 2014]

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Inculturation General Works Bibliography [Uploaded April 13, 2015]

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Inculturation of Moral Theology Bibliography [Uploaded May 2, 2015]

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Liberation Theology Bibliography [Uploaded: August 13, 2012]

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Magisterium and Moral Theology Bibliography [Last update: May 17, 2015]

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Narrative Theology Bibliography [Last update: June 17, 2011]

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Natural Law Bibliography [Last update: August 18, 2015]

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Scripture & Ethics Bibliography [Last update: May 2, 2015]

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Sexual Ethics Bibliography [Last update: May 24, 2015]

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Sin and Reconciliation Bibliography [Last update: March 27, 2015]

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Veritatis Splendor Bibliography [Last update: August 14, 2014]

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Virtue and Virtue Ethics Bibliography [Last update August 13, 2015]

War and Peace Bibliography [Last update: May 17, 2015]

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Worship, Prayer & Sacraments in Moral Life Bibliography [Last update: January 20, 2012]

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See also the following published 3 Research Bibliographies by James T. Bretzke, S.J.

A Research Bibliography in Christian Ethics and Catholic Moral Theology. Lewiston NY: Edwin Mellen Press, 2006.

A book-length annotated and thoroughly indexed bibliography arranged topically, covering both Roman Catholic and Protestant themes and authors with titles in English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian.

Bibliography on Scripture and Christian Ethics. Studies in Religion and Society, 39. Lewiston NY: Edwin Mellen Press, 1997.

Arranged both according to the Old and New Testament, as well as the individual books and/or authors of the New Testament. Entries are also given according to certain key thematic issues, such as methodology of the interplay and usage of the Bible in ethics, liberation theology and Scripture, biblical authority, feminist issues in biblical hermeneutics, as well as a number of theological themes such as justice and righteousness, the love command, law and gospel, sin and reconciliation, etc. Finally, entries are provided which cover a number of particular ethical themes such as ecology, economics, medical ethics, sexual ethics and gender issues, war and peace. A final section gathers titles which were published prior to the Second Vatican Council (1962- 1965) which marked a watershed for the greater appropriation of Scripture in the discipline of Roman Catholic moral theology.

Bibliography on East Asian Religion and Philosophy. Studies in Asian Thought and Religion, 23. Lewiston NY: Mellen Press, 2001.

Compiles, annotates, indexes and cross-references resources in the principal Western languages of English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish which focus on East Asia (principally China, Japan, and Korea) in the primary areas of philosophy and religious studies, with supporting resources in theology, history, culture, and related social sciences.

Naturalism is a picture of the whole of reality that cannot, according to its own intrinsic premises, address the being of the whole; it is a metaphysics of the rejection of metaphysics, a transcendental certainty of the impossibility of transcendent truth, and so requires an act of pure credence logically immune to any verification…. Thus naturalism must forever remain a pure assertion, a pure conviction, a confession of blind assurance in an inaccessible beyond; and that beyond, more paradoxically still, is the beyond of no beyond. (D.B. Hart, 2013, p. 77)

Modern moral philosophy has miscarried its central objective. Not only has it failed to stem the subjectivization of morality…; it has augmented it in a secular, rationalist register. This failure has quite properly marginalized professional moral philosophy, at least as currently institutionalized, as a realistic resource for resolving any ethical disagreements, because it has no indication of being able to do anything but perpetuate them.” (Alasdair MacIntyre quoted by B. Gregory, 2012, 220)

The commitments to metaphysical naturalism and ideological scientism that govern “public reason” dictate a conception of reality that prevents the grounding of any morality at all…. If metaphysical naturalism is true then human rights are not and cannot be real, natural or discovered. They are at most constructed conventions or useful fictions, but intellectually they are unwarranted remnants from a rejected conception of reality. (Brad Gregory, Notre Dame, 2012, p. 224-5)

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