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Jerry Walls & Trent Dougherty (eds.), Two Dozen (or so) Arguments for God. Oxford University Press, 2018

Chantel Delsol, Icarus Fallen: the search for meaning in uncertain times.

Houston and Zimmermann (eds.). Sources of the Christian Self.

Dennis Danielson, The Tao of Right and Wrong.

Matthew B. Crawford, The World Beyond Your Head: on becoming an individual in an age of distraction. (2015)

Brené Brown, Daring Greatly.

Tom McLeish, Faith and Wisdom in Science.

Shawn Achor, The Happiness Advantage.

Christopher Alexander, The Nature of Order.

David Brooks, The Road to Character. Random House, 2015.

Gordon Carkner, The Great Escape from Nihilism: rediscovering our passion in late modernity. 2016

Naomi Klein, This Changes Everything: Capitalism versus Climate.

Susan Cain, Quiet: the power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking.

Jim Wallis, The (Un)Common Good. Brazos

Chrystia Freeland, Plutocrats:the Rise of the New Global Super Rich and the Fall of Everyone Else. (2012)

Carolyn Weber, Surprised by Oxford: a Memoir. Thomas Nelson

James K.A. Smith, How (Not) to Be Secular: reading Charles Taylor. (2014, Eerdmans)

George Marsden, The Twilight of the American Enlightenment: the 1950s and the crisis of liberal belief. (2014, Basic Books)

Jeremy Rifkin, The Zero Marginal Cost Society: the internet of things, the collaborative commons, and the eclipse of capitalism. (2014, Palgrave Macmillan). Google Lecture:

See also by Jeremy Rifkin, The Third Industrial Revolution. 

Charles Marsh, Strange Glory: A Life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. (Alfred Knopf, 2014)

Al Gore, The Future: six drivers of global change. (2013)

Philip Lymbery and Isabel Oakeshott, Farmageddon: The True Cost of Cheap Meat (Bloomsbury, 2014)

John G. Stackhouse Jr., Need to Know: Vocation as the Heart of Christian Epistemology. (Oxford, 2014)

R. Scott Smith, In Search of Moral Knowledge: Overcoming the Fact-value Dichotomy. (IVP Academic, 2014)

Thomas Picketty, Capital in the Twenty-first Century. (Harvard, 2014)

Joseph Stiglitz, The Price of Inequality: how today’s divided society endangers our future.

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