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Creativity Corner, Some Thoughts from Seth Godin, The Practice.

Creativity is a Choice!

Love what you do. Just show up and do the work consistently. Then the flow will come.

Remove your attachment to outcome (e.g. marks, payment). Be a creative. Do work in which you are not fully confident.

Generosity means making something for someone else that will be useful for them, resonate with them.

Make it count. Do your best but don’t be perfectionistic.

Show up at the right time and give it your best.

Writer’s Block is fear of bad writing. You will do some bad writing on the way to good writing. Editing is your friend.

Your work should resonate with the people you seek to reach. You are not trying to reach everyone.

For instance write a blog post every day. Be consistent. There’s always a good excuse for not showing up.

We are better together. Find other creatives who will reflect on your work.

When considering the good, ask: What’s it for? Who’s it for?

Key Points to Develop: Curiosity, Generosity, Connection

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