Posted by: gcarkner | April 27, 2013

Navigating Critical Junctures

Critical Junctures in Navigating University as a Postgraduate Student

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The spiritual sojourn of the aspiring scholar is, like all spiritual sojourns, unique.  Knowing the spiritual geography and topography of the road ahead–the peaks and valleys, the steep inclines, the potential pitfalls, the rocky and dry places, the dead ends, and the oases–can mean the difference between flourishing and wilting while en route.

Growth in the life of the Spirit takes patience, attention, deliberateness and discipline.  In other words, it takes practice.  To this end, we have provided a road-map of the critical junctures that grad students and young faculty will traverse as they follow Christ in the university. The map identifies the specific issues in spiritual formation which generally accompany those junctures and offers some suggested spiritual disciplines which can help along your way.  We have embedded in the chart links to resources that might prove helpful. Don’t miss this important resource.

Wisdom, Grace and Peace.

See the helpful chart produced by Bob Trube and shared with us by NYU grad support person David M. Williams:

Salut, Gordon @ Graduate Christian Union, UBC


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