Posted by: gcarkner | December 4, 2018

Scientism as a Challenge to Meaning in Late Modernity

Scientism as a Challenge to Meaning  (Slides for Dr. Gordon E. Carkner presentation)

Epistemological Claim

The Utopian Sentiment 

Intellectual Exclusion or Hegemony 

Anthropological Consequences

Scientism and Ethics

  • The Big Picture: An admirably severe discipline of interpretive and theoretical restraint [modern empirical science] has been transformed into its perfect and irrepressibly wanton opposite: what began as a principled refusal of metaphysical speculation, for the sake of specific empirical inquiries, has now been mistaken for a comprehensive knowledge of the metaphysical shape of reality; the art of humble questioning has been mistaken for the sure possession of ultimate conclusions. This makes a mockery of real science. (D.B. Hart, The Experience of God. 2013, 71)

Part 1 of Late Modernity, the Challenge of Scientism and the Quest for Meaning

Part 2 of Late Modernity, the Challenge of Scientism and the Quest for Meaning

Alvin Plantinga on Science and Religion   Bill Newsome, Stanford Leading Neuroscientist, Lecture on January 31, 2018 @ UBC

Of Two Minds: a Neuroscientist Balances Science and Faith

Critique of Scientism

Critique of New Atheists

See also Michael Polanyi, Personal Knowledge: towards a post-critical philosophy. This is a brilliant critique of logical positivism and scientism.

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