Posted by: gcarkner | May 29, 2019

Regent Summer Programs and Lectures


Summer Reading List: To Inform, Empower and Inspire

Articulation Can Move Your World

Walter Bruggemann, A Gospel of Hope.

Jerry L. Wallis and Trent Dougherty (eds.), Two Dozen Arguments for God.

David O. Taylor & Taylor Worley (eds.), Contemporary Art and the Church: a conversation between two worlds.

Bob Goff, Everybody Always: Becoming Love in a World Full of Setbacks and Difficult People.

James K.A. Smith, Awaiting the King: Reforming Public Theology.

Brian J. Walsh, Kicking at the Darkness: Bruce Cockburn and the Christian Imagination.

Frances E. Jensen, MD, The Teenage Brain: a neuroscientist’s survival guide to raising adolescents and young adults.

Rowan Williams, Christ the Heart of Creation.

Mark Noll and Carolyn Nystrom, Clouds of Witnesses: Christian Voices from Africa and Asia.

James Davison Hunter, Science and the Good: The Tragic Quest for the Foundations of Morality.

Luci Shaw, Eye of the Beholder: Poems.

Jason Byassee, Surprised by Jesus Again: Reading the Bible in Communion with the Saints. 

Bradley P. Holt, Thirsty for God.

David Brooks, The Second Mountain: Quest for the Moral Life.


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