Posted by: gcarkner | August 11, 2012

Graduate & Faculty Network

GCU Links to Lots of Good Resources & Discussions

Veritas Forum university lectures, debates, etc. (Christian base) See the exciting Kelly Monroe books Finding God at Harvard and Finding God After Harvard

Faraday Institute on Science & Religion Brilliant variety of lectures available for download; they also have summer one week courses.

Test of Faith Video Series (produced by Faraday)—order DVD from Wipf & Stock Publishers. Good resource for campus or church context.

Test of Faith Blog Site:

 American Scientific Affiliation (ASA)—God and Nature:

Canadian Science & Christian Affiliation (CSCA) ( local contact: Dr. Arnold Sikkema TWU Physics)

Christians in Science (UK) (affiliate of CSCA & ASA)

Biologos Dialogue on Science & Faith

Center for Christian Study, University of Virginia

Kuyper Study Centre University of Western Ontario

Cardus Centre/ Convivium Magazine  (Public Policy)

IVCF USA Emerging Scholars Blog:

Regent Bookstore Audio  You can download free talks or buy some. Regent Bookstore is simply the best Christian bookstore in Canada and Bill Reimer its manager is very knowledgable and current. The store is set up in sections, so you will probably get to know your section well.

Regent College Library: with a UBC library card, you can take books out of Regent Library free, again one of the finest resources of its kind in Canada. Just talk to the librarian. There are also CD courses in the library which you can listen to for free. Imagine that!

Special Regent Lectures: Laing Lecture Series, various other free evening and daytime lectures, Tuesday Chapel Services (11:00 a.m.)

Visual Arts: ArtWay Meditations         Marleen Hengelaar” <> to receive these periodic reflections on your email.

Christians in the Visual Arts:  Local consultants are Laurel Gasque & Dal Schindel. Also see Rob Des Cotes at Fairview Baptist, Vancouver and his Imago Project.

Christian Drama: Pacific Theatre Vancovuer for regular shows

Outreach Canada Ministries

Canadian L’Abri

A Rocha

The Association of Christian Clubs at the University of British Columbia

Graduate Student Society UBC

C. S. Lewis Foundation

We will continue to add to this list….

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