Posted by: gcarkner | August 17, 2012

GCU Identity Note

GCU members proceed with a willingness and a calling to ‘think differently’ (a phrase often used by Michel Foucault to signal a radical stance).  In an age of nihilism (loss of meaning, cultural absence of God, and trivialization of self), ennui (existential boredom which often leads to self-medication), and cynicism (refusal to see the good motives in others or institutions), we articulate and write a story of hope, substance, creativity, a saga of a deeper, redemptive possibility. We see through the disillusioning elements of culture to heavenly intentions for the way, the truth and the life. We pursue the recovery of enduring ancient academic and cultural virtues, remembering that the secular age or the age of will-to-power is a more recent phenomenon. We want to restore a human vision that is realistic about brokenness, yet empowering for change and enduring in its cultural relevance towards the promotion of hospitality and community. This entails a strong belief in the deep and enduring good that Christianity has to offer, a good that is rooted in the profound and extensive goodness, grace and love of God, and the goodness with which he has imbued creation.

Ancient Faith meets Modern Scholarship and Research

As members of the GCU community, we encourage each other to contribute holistically to the ongoing university discourse (conversation and pursuit of knowledge, goodness, beauty and wisdom) in various disciplines, recovering the best of its Christian heritage, redeeming its not so positive tendencies as we have influence, and serving its community with dedicated intentionality. We carry a vision to listen and communicate relevantly, to effectively engage, raise good questions, appreciate and challenge the thinking and vision of our colleagues. We want to know where their hope lies. As witnesses of Christ, we want to answer the questions and complaints of skeptics and cultured despisers of religious faith, while challenging narrow assumptions, stereotypes and claimed positions of hegemony or dogmatism. We pray for and seek to bless the university community, working for justice and fairness as we find opportunity to speak for God and for the weaker members of our extended community. We respect the diversity of our colleagues, while developing strong convictions of our own, and value dialogue on lifestyle issues.


Okanagan Reflection

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