Posted by: gcarkner | September 3, 2012

Science & Christian Faith in Synergy?

Encouraging Note from Dr. Arnold Sikkema, PhD Physics from UBC

Thousands of students head off to university this fall with high anticipation to ply their future through higher education and skills training. Many will be a bit shocked to discover that major universities do not welcome through their gates their faith-based thinking. Is there any support for these students who respect scientific knowledge and have a strong faith?

During this past summer, a group of professors shared with me that they had established an introductory  course on Christianity at a public university.  Many students who took this course expressed surprise that it is possible to simultaneously be a Christian and an intellectually-fulfilled scholar. Especially in science, there is the widespread misconception that science has shown religion to be false or useless. However, many notable scholars worldwide provide articulate voices to the contrary. For example, the renowned Notre Dame Philosopher Alvin Plantinga in his important recent book Where the Conflict Really Lies (OUP, 2011), clearly demonstrates that there is  deep concord between the Christian worldview and contemporary science, while significant conflict between good science and naturalism/materialism.

The Canadian Scientific & Christian Affiliation (CSCA)  is a lively organisation dedicated to promote mutually appreciative connections between science and the Christian faith, and to expose such intellectual dead ends as the conflict relationship model. This occurs within the scholarly and professional communities as well as in the church and society at large (confronting fears and misconceptions in both arenas). The Vancouver area has an active group, typically inviting one or more guest lecturers annually, hosting them at UBC, Regent College, as well as SFU, Trinity Western University and Redeemer Pacific. Our events are free and open to the public. This coming January 2013, we have invited Ian Hutchinson, a reputable Plasma Physicist from MIT.

 Special Membership Note: Until the end of September, the CSCA is offering a 25% discount on membership. In addition, students can join free of charge. The association has much to offer, from scholarly resources to Christian fellowship. We encourage you to visit and become acquainted!

Arnold Sikkema, PhD Physics from UBC

Professor of Physics, Chair of Mathematical Sciences, Trinity Western University

Fellow of the American Scientific Affiliation, Vice President of CSCA


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