Posted by: gcarkner | September 4, 2012

Portrait of an Oxbridge Christian in Science

Dr. Ard A. Louis is a Reader in Theoretical Physics at the University of Oxford, where he leads an interdisciplinary research group studying problems on the border between chemistry, physics and biology,[1] and is also director of graduate studies in theoretical physics. From 2002 to 2010 he was a Royal Society University Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford. He is also International Secretary for Christians in Science, an associate of the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, and serves on the European advisory board of the John Templeton Foundation.[2] He has written for the BioLogos Foundation,[3][4] where as of November 2011, he sat on the Board of Directors.[5] He engages in Molecular Gastronomy.[6] He appears in the film series Test of Faith produced by Faraday Institute for Science & Religion.

Ard is a board member of BioLogos (likely the most important venue for science and Christianity today),  his pieces there (  ) exhibit his passion for science and for Christianity. He works – and is highly respected – in the area of biophysics, an important interdisciplinary field connected well with current issues in science-and-Christianity. He is winsome and pastoral in his desire to connect the academy and the church. He demonstrates solid understanding of the historical and philosophical contexts of the discussion.

He is an active participant and leader in an Oxford University group on academics and faith: .

Prior to his post at Oxford he taught Theoretical Chemistry at Cambridge University where he was also director of studies in Natural Sciences at Hughes Hall.

He was born in the Netherlands, was raised in Gabon [7] and received his first degree from the University of Utrecht and his Ph.D. in theoretical physics from Cornell University.

There will be many opportunities to meet people of faith who value good scholarship this coming year.

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