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Regent Bookstore Literary Tour

Regent Bookstore Tour: Faith, the Arts and Literature

Imagine this! Literature that could change you life, broaden your horizons, inspire you at deep levels. 

Regent College houses the best bookstore in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Drop in and browse for inspiring spiritual and theologically driven literature, Regent College Bookstore (corner of Wesbrook Mall and University Blvd. UBC’s Gate One). It is a store full of constant surprises and delights. This tour focuses on the Christian Literati and Writers equipped to open the universe of you imagination. If you are on a search for depth and meaning, this is a place to stop, linger, reflect: a soul building exercise. Take time out to browse, ask questions, have a coffee, even meet a new friend. Bill Reimer the manager and his staff are very helpful to your education. There is also a very good chance of running into someone interesting. That happens to me all the time. Recently I met two Korean guys, one from a New York art school and one from Korea. They were exciting, curious people. The store also has some excellent music.

Below you will find some of the choice titles and authors to explore, books to rock your worldview. This is especially vital for people in the hard sciences, engineering, medicine, and business. In GFCF & GCU, we encourage students and faculty to invest in their core self while they are building their academic expertise and research skills, to search for bold sources to build inspiration and imagination. If you are suffering from the caricature that Christian literature is dull and lifeless, think again. Bookstore Manager Bill Reimer’s genius in providing this collection is second to none; he knows books; he can get you books … fast. In fact, the friendly staff at the store could become your best friends in terms of good literature. The selection is a wide-ranging, robust, life-giving service to the whole UBC community.  There is also a great selection of CDs of talks by art, literary and film critics such as Alan Jacobs, Ralph Wood, Leland Ryken,  and Jeremy Begbie. You will be a richer person for visiting in your spare time or to find a title of poignant importance to your studies.

~Gord Carkner

A. Literary Classics:

John Donne. The Complete English Poems.

George Herbert. The Complete English Works.

Gerard Manley Hopkins. The Major Works.

William Shaespeare. The Sonnets.

Flannery O’Connor. Collected Works.

W. H. Auden. The Age of Anxiety.

B. Contemporary Writers:

Frederich Buechner. Speak What We Feel.

Scott Cairns. Love’s Immensity.

Madeleine L’Engle. A Wrinkle in Time.

Luci Shaw. Water & Soul.

Craig Bartholomew (ed.). In the Fields of the Lord.

P.D. James. The Private Patient.

Marilynne Robinson. Gilead.

Fyodor Dostoevski. Brothers Karamazov.

Blaise Pascal. Pensees

Susan Howatch’s novels including Scandalous Risks.

Rob Alloway’s award winning Babylon Post.

Augustine. Confessions.

Harold Bloom & Jessica Zuba. American Religious Poems.

C. Faith & Culture Critics:

Andy Crouch. Culture Making: recovering our creative calling.

Nicholas Wolterstorff. Art in Action.

Alan Joacobs. Pleasures of Reading.

Hans Rookmaaker. Modern Art & the Death of a Culture.

Laurel Gasque, Art and the Christian Mind: the life and work of Hans Rookmaaker.

Lloyd Baugh. Imaging the Divine: Jesus and Christ Figures in Film.

W. David O. Taylor (ed.). For the Beauty of the Church.

Calvin Seerveld. A Christian Critique of Art & Literature.

Leland Ryken. The Christian Imagination.

Jeremy Begbie. Beholding the Glory (also Resounding Truth).

Many more…

Visual Arts: ArtWay Meditations     Marleen Hengelaar” <> to receive these periodic reflections on your email.

Christians in the Visual Arts  Local consultants are Laurel Gasque & Dal Schindel. Also see Rob Des Cotes at A Rocha and his Imago Project.


Christian DramaPacific Theatre Vancovuer for regular shows

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