Posted by: gcarkner | January 5, 2015

A Prayer for a New Year

O God, you know our aspirations, our energy, our hopes, resolutions and dreams for this coming year;

You know also our fears, angst and hesitations, our personal burdens and hurt, our complexities, even our self-doubt;

You are the great God of new beginnings, the Alpha and Omega of our existence, the reason and source of all things;

Help us to keep the journey ahead in perspective of your narrative, your kingdom values and your will for us;

Give us wisdom to discern which voices to attend to, and which to ignore, what to question and what to affirm;

Help us dig deep below the propaganda and find the truth, to press beyond cynicism to hope;

Deepen our trust in you and your abundant grace, as we seek out your call on our lives and find our identity in you;

Help us to embrace your deep love, to reach out to others who need support or comfort, to sense your diverse community here at university;

May we know your presence as Trinity, Father of Creation, Infinite Love, Jesus Christ, Truth Incarnate, and Holy Spirit, Wisdom, Understanding and Empowerment;

May this be a year of wonder, joy, new relationships, full of discovery, adventure and surprises, of growing up into maturity in Christ.

Help us to send our roots down deep into the rich soil of your infinite goodness, to build our hope there, on that foundation.

Tuesday Prayer, 12:00 noon to 2:00 p.m., Regent College Prayer Room: Searching out the divine footprints…  David Wesley, One Thing Remains

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