Posted by: gcarkner | November 30, 2015

Great Christmas Reading

Christmas Holidays are a great time to expand our reading horizons. The mind needs refreshment and inspiration to keep it healthy. Below are some titles from Regent College Bookstore to set your mind on a cutting edge. All the best of the season as you travel and visit with family and friends.

~Gord Carkner

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The World Beyond Your Head: on becoming an individual in an age of distraction. by Matthew Crawford

Is God Happy? Selected Essays by Lesek Kolakowski

The Resurrection of Nature: Political Theory and the Human Character.  by J. Budziszewski

Why Jesus? Rediscovering his truth in an age of mass marketed spirituality. by Ravi Zacharias

Take and Read, Spiritual Reading: an annotated list. by Eugene Peterson

Birds on an Ethical Wire: battles about values in the culture wars. by Margaret Somerville

For the Beauty of the Earth: a Christian vision for creation care (engaging culture). by Steven Bouma-Prediger

Letters to Doubting Thomas: a case for the existence of God. by C. Stephen Layman

My Name is Asher Lev. by Chaim Potok

Daring Greatly. by Brené Brown

The Romance of the Word: one man’s love affair with theology. by Robert Farrar Capon

The Happiness Advantage. by Shawn Achor

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An Advent Examination
Edward Hays, A Pilgrim’s Almanac, p. 196

 Advent is the perfect time to clear and prepare the Way. Advent is a winter training camp for those who desire peace. By reflection and prayer, by reading and meditation, we can make our hearts a place where a blessing of peace would desire to abide and where the birth of the Prince of Peace might take place.

 Daily we can make an Advent examination. Are there any feelings of discrimination toward race, sex, or religion? Is there a lingering resentment, an unforgiven injury living in our hearts? Do we look down upon others of lesser social standing or educational achievement? Are we generous with the gifts that have been given to us, seeing ourselves as their stewards and not their owners? Are we reverent of others, their ideas and needs, and of creation? These and other questions become Advent lights by which we may search the deep, dark corners of our hearts.

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