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Summer Good Reading

Gord’s Summer Reading 2016

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If we encounter a person of rare intellect, we should ask what books they read

Brené Brown (2012). Daring Greatly: How the Courage to be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent and Lead. Avery. This is a surprisingly insightful book on human and family relationships; you might have seen her popular TED Talk on vulnerability or shame. She is a shame researcher in Texas who offers pearls of wisdom. We know a family of a GCU Alumnus in the UK that has been totally transformed by her teaching. Shame is the big elephant in the room for many of us.

Companion Volumes

Curt Thompson, The Soul of Shame: Retelling the Stories We Believe About Ourselves. (IVP, 2015)

Andy Crouch (2016). Strong and Weak: embracing a life of love, risk and true flourishing. IVP His books Culture Making and Playing God have been a huge hit for Christians looking to engage culture and find a creative, biblical way forward.


Timothy Jackson (2015). Political Agape: Christian Love and Liberal Democracy. Eerdmans. This is part of a trilogy on agape theology; there is a great final essay on Martin Luther King Jr.

Dallas Willard. The Allure of Gentleness: defending the faith in the manner of Jesus. Harper One. Willard has encouraged many young Christian philosophers in his time, and is also well-known for his work on Christian spirituality.

Two Great Books on Globalization

Miraslov Volf (2015). Flourishing: why we need religion in the age of globalization. Yale

Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, The Dignity of Difference: how to avoid the clash of civilization. Continuum

Two Books on Science & Religion

Fraser Fleming (2016). The Truth about Science and Religion: From the Big Bang to Neuroscience. Wipf & Stock Fraser is a former PhD student in Chemistry at UBC and one of the early members of GCU and the GFCF Committee.

Tom McLeish (2014). Faith and Wisdom in Science. Oxford University Press. (upcoming speaking tour at UBC, SFU and TWU first week of November 2016)

James K.A. Smith, You Are What You Love: The Spiritual Power of Habit.  (a very popular speaker, writer and philosopher from Calvin College).

Christian Artist Makato Fujimura, Silence and Beauty.

Sherry Turkle, Reclaiming Conversation: the power of talk in a digital age.

Brian Fikkert & Russell Mask (2015). From Dependence to Dignity: how to alleviate poverty through church-centered microfinance. Zondervan

Books are food for the soul. They can be like a journey into another world. Some become our best friends. They can make a huge difference in our perspective. These authors can also be our mentors. Read outside your discipline to maximize your creativity. 

Good Reading  ~Gord

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