Posted by: gcarkner | June 6, 2017

What Does Information Teach Us?

 Is Information a Sign of the Transcendent?

Here’s something to tease the mind. We are all part of the Information Age. Information is neither matter nor energy. It is something else entirely. The highest density of information is found in, for example, DNA as a code, as well as more ubiquitously in nature. Information involves purpose or meaning, language or signs, semantics, syntax, statistics, mathematics and exists at many levels. It comes close to notions of constraint, control, communication, knowledge, data, form, education, understanding, perception, representation, entropy.


Laws (Character) of Information:

  1. Matter cannot create something non-material.
  2. Information is a non-material entity.
  3. Information is absolutely vital to regulate the material medium or realm. We cannot function without it or imagine a world without information and lots of it. We study it and parse it incessantly and count on it every day.
  4. Information cannot originate in space or thin air via itself, sui generis.
  5. No information exists without being coded.
  6. All codes result from intentional choice by a person with intelligence and rational ability.
  7. Thus, codes require intelligent input or programming from outside the system, as per a computer.
  8. No new information emerges without an intelligent sender or creator.
  9. All chains of information can be traced back to an intelligent source.


  1. There must be a transcendent source and sender of information, producing immense input into the world system (universe) from beyond the material realm, since matter itself cannot produce information.
  2. This sender must be supremely intelligent; the top sender must have huge amounts of information.
  3. Therefore, this sender must be essentially omniscient regarding information needed in the world, needed to run the world and its order.
  4. Also, this sender must be eternal, because information was needed in the whole history of the universe and beyond. It could not have emerged by itself at the origin of our universe.
  5. This sender must be intensely purposeful and supremely powerful to manage and direct all this information creatively and productively. Meta-data is the tip of the iceberg of such mega-information.
  6. The sender must be a non-material component (aka spirit) of all reality. The sender must transcend physical reality, and cannot be reduced to it or its evolution over time.
  7. The Bible is a higher level of information than mere mathematics; all levels of information occur in the Bible. Hints of such a transcendent sender of information is attested to in Scripture: Psalm 14:1; John 16:30; Revelation 18; Psalm 90:2; John 4:24
  8. Science has its boundaries; for example, it cannot answer the ‘Who or Why questions’ behind all that exists and the massive amount of information. Therefore, philosophical materialism must be false. We cannot accept the two common myths that: a. the universe is composed solely of matter and energy (plus anti-matter); b. atheistic evolutionism’s view that information derives from the material sources alone, ie. that it emerges out of raw energy-matter. It does no such thing.
  9. Therefore, we must be open to the idea of a Creator beyond the time-space-energy-matter realm, who authored the world and input all this immense store of information, without which we and the universe could not flourish or even exist.

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  1. This reminds me of the first few chapters of C.S. Lewis’ Miracles where he explains how cause and effect are fundamentally different things from ground and consequent. As soon as we enter into the world of reasons we transcend the world of mere causes. When we enter the world of information content of thought, of truth and falsehood, we transcend the mere neurophysiological properties of cells. Plantinga’s evolutionary argument against naturalism is along similar lines – naturalism ends up being self refuting.

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