Posted by: gcarkner | September 9, 2020

Welcome to GCU at UBC

Dear Friends Old & New,

Greetings everyone. Thanks for showing interest in this community. Hope summer has been productive and that you are excited about a new fall term, however unique it might be in terms of needed adaptations. How are you doing with online teaching? Campus is still a bit of a ghost town in these unprecedented times. Our family has just moved to a new house which will be great for student and faculty gatherings someday soon we hope. I have just finished Blog Post 11 in the Quality of the Will summer series. It focuses on how we can carry the moral good in community, and how a larger, transcendent horizon for identity can make all the difference.

Our fall theme in GCU is The Fully Integrated Life: Reflective, Purposeful and Christ-centered. We want to encourage each other in our studies, effective engagement with colleagues and personal growth. Together perhaps we can map out some of the key points of discussion with colleagues from various persuasions as they seek meaning, significance and relational wholeness. We won’t have a fall reception this year for new students because of COVID, but we ask you to watch out for people in your department who might be interested in spiritual and philosophical community, connection and dialogue. Whether you are here at UBC or reading from afar, we welcome your input and questions. We have a robust sense that good ideas and relational network prospects are in the cards this academic year.

 Would you be interested in a regular FaceTime or Zoom Bible study? We want to start that in a couple weeks. Let us know soon.

Our first lecture is on October 1, a livestream with Sy Garte, Biochemist, Former Professor and Division Director National Institute of Health, Washington, DC (co-sponsored with the Canadian Scientific and Christian Affiliation)

Topic: A Sense of Wonder: the Long Journey of a Scientist to Faith See details here

We have found that practicing gratitude/thankfulness and noticing the signs of grace in our lives has been positive. Jesus gives us hope and purpose, clarity of thought and durability. He is our rock and foundation in shaky times, our light within and at the end of the tunnel. We sense a great need to pray for wisdom as we venture forward amidst all the uncertainties. I guess that is what faith is all about. We are crossing the desert of our times with a great God ahead of us.

“The will of God will not take you where the grace of God cannot sustain you.” (unknown author) 

All the Best, Gord & Ute Carkner

Email Gord at if you are new and would like to be added to our mailing list. We will also be posting talks and discussions on YouTube this year.

We are happy to meet for coffee safely to get to know you at a place convenient for you. If you have just arrived, perhaps we can help with orienting you to Vancouver.

Recommended Reflective Thought Talk by Neil Degrassi Tyson

Ask us about free books on Apologetics and Spiritual Formation

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