Posted by: gcarkner | April 18, 2021

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Mythology that Currently Haunts the Relationship between Fides et Ratio

We suggest that our current state of skepticism in Western late modernity stems from a massive confusion about the relationship between various types of faith and various types of reason. Yes there is more than one type of reasoning. Alasdair McIntyre notes three massively different ways of reasoning in Three Version of Moral Inquiry: pre-modern, modern and postmodern. Faith is a multivalent concept and applies equally to hard science as well as in our personal relationships or the study of Holy Scripture. God asks to reason with us, asks us to test his statements against the reality of our lives, to see if we can make sense of our lives from a larger, transcendent frame or horizon. It takes constant practical reason to drive a car safely and we had better be sharp especially if we are driving on the autobahn in Germany where speeds sometimes exceed 200 km./hr. We dare not sacrifice the virtues of the mind, because the harm done is both towards others and against our very selves. It can lead to distrusting one’s own thoughts–cynical despair. One cannot even begin at the science bench without many important assumptions that cannot be proven  by scientific reason or empirical evidence. See our YouTube Channel for a webinar discussing the possible reconciliation and complementarity of reason and Christian faith. We dare not sacrifice the virtues of the mind, because the harm includes others and ourselves. Truth matters. Critical thinking matters. Sound argument matters. Listening to others matters. Taking responsibility for our words matters.

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