Posted by: gcarkner | June 9, 2021

Summer Reads 2021

Summer Reads: Inspiring, Informative Authors from the Desk of Gord Carkner

Munther Isaac, The Other Side of the Wall: a Palestinian Christian Narrative of Lament and Hope. (recommended by a Christian PhD student from Egypt)

Niall Ferguson, Doom: The Politics of Catastrophe.

Katie Kresser, Bezalel’s Body: The Death of God and the Birth of Art.

C. Kavin Rowe, Christianity’s Surprise: A Sure & Certain Hope.

Alvin Plantinga, Knowledge and Christian Belief. (a top Christian philosopher)

Michael Cassidy, The Church Jesus Prayed For: A Personal Journey into John 17. (a man with a vision for Africa)

E. Stanley Jones, Embodying Forgiveness: a Theological Analysis.

Ronan Farrow, Catch and Kill. (investigative journalism of powerful, corrupt men)

Richard B. Hays, Reading with the Grain of Scripture.  (reputable biblical scholar)

Latasha Morrison, Be the Bridge: Pursuing God’s Heart for Racial Reconciliation.

Julia and Kevin Garratt, Two Tears on the Window. (a Canadian story about grace amidst Chinese imprisonment—Ute’s Pic)

David A. Sinclair, Lifespan: Why We Age and Why We Don’t Have to. (a medical paradigm shift?)

Andrew LePeau, Write Better: A Lifelong Editor on Craft, Art and Spirituality. (long time editor of IVP)

Yuval Noah Harari, 21 Lessons for the 21st Century. (reckoning with the future—implications of the biotech and infotech revolutions)

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