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GCU & Re-enchantment of Reality

The goal of this video is the healing of all of our relationships. The discussion examines the power of commodity-think and the disenchantment it causes. But we can put our creativity and ingenuity to work on a new paradigm of Contentment, Gratitude, Compassion.

The book Cultural Apologetics by Paul M. Gould is an inspiring read, a mature statement on Christian witness in late modernity. He complements the work of Charles Taylor. It is also about re-enchanting the world. Let’s pursue the hope-filled, redemptive wisdom track in life: through imagination, reason and morality revived.

Our disengagement  from and objectivization of nature is a fundamental shift, which moves us from seeing things and people as gifts to viewing them as commodities for use and consumption. In this new immanent framework, meaning resides in our individual appetite and the “good life” is identified with our consumption.  The satisfactions of pleasure (hedonism) rule the day.” ( P. M. Gould, Cultural Apologetics, 2019, 57)

“The possibility of re-enchantment is always very real.” ~C. S. Lewis

Grad students find a home and a lively conversation in Graduate Christian Union

Let’s meet up for coffee or lunch at a place close to you: Gord 604.349.9497

We’d love to hear about your background and passion.

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Study in Ephesians–The Discovery of a Re-enchanted Outlook on Life

We have decide to study the Book of Ephesians on Wednesdays at 12-2 pm. Join in as soon as you can and bring along a friend. We hope to meet in Sauder, but are still searching for an appropriate room

Sources of InspirationPractice Resurrection by Eugene Peterson; Towards an Incarnational Spiritual Culture by Gordon Carkner; Cultural Apologetics by Paul Gould (see quotes below).

Let us know if you can make it,

Gord & Ute Carkner

GCU Staff/Meta-Educators

Text: 604.349.9497 (Gord) Email:

778.840.3549 (Ute)

Quotes from Paul Gould, Cultural Apologetics

“Without the imagination the mind lacks the ‘raw materials’ needed to judge something as true or false. The will possesses nothing to judge as worthy or unworthy of our devotion.” (74)

“We long for God and a magical world full of deep mystery, beauty, holiness, and wholeness, a reality behind the material cosmos.” (75)

“Throughout history, those who live for something greater than themselves and greater than worldly desires have contributed immensely to the advancement of education, culture, and the common good. For those who accept the offer of “infinite joy”, contentment is obtained, and a powerful purpose for living is found. “ (79)

How does Jesus see and delight in reality? Nothing is mundane; everything is God-bathed, God-permeated, full of wonder and delight. He is ever present. When we see the world as Jesus does, we see it in its proper light. We receive it as gift, as sacred. By perceiving the world as enchanted, we savor it, and find sustenance in it…. The path of return to God lies through creation itself. We can’t return to this God-infused reality by denying or devaluing the material world. All that God has made is good. All is intrinsically valuable and sacred, even as it is broken and bent…. Creation is haunted; it ushers us into God’s presence as we learn to see God in and through all he has made. (83)

Brainstorming Sessions on Various Topics

Discover GCU Resources for Academic Research and for Life and Wellness

Lecture by Michael Higgins September 22 2022

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