Posted by: gcarkner | November 3, 2022

Conversion, Faith and Social Conditioning

In this webinar, Meta-Educator and author Dr. Gordon E. Carkner in Vancouver, Canada examines the critical question of the influence of social conditioning on the choice of a faith or a philosophical perspective/worldview. He shows that we all need to think more critically about what we believe and why. Rather than acquiesce to the social conditioning of our tribe, we should examine evidence, be open to dialogue, and never stop thinking until we get to a reasonable faith that sets us free into a responsible lifestyle. He encourages us to lean into a position of integrity and he also offers great resources to pursue this task. Great webinar for dialogue with a friend. What are your assumptions?

The challenge to each of us is not to passively acquiesce in our own social conditioning, nor to join an academic cheerleading squad of a cool philosophy professor. No one wants to be made out to be a fool. Complacency produces a stifling, dangerous religious or anti-religious bias. Oh yes, there is all that self-righteous indignation as well. Instead, the better approach is to think through the meaning of life and critically examine your current assumptions. Do you like where they take you? This applies to all worldview perspectives. Once examined, do commit yourself vigorously, consistently, but by all means…   

Never Stop Thinking!

—Rapprochement between Faith and Reason:

—Peter Kreeft’s top ten books:   

Freedom, Identity and the Good

See also The Great Escape from Nihilism by Gordon E. Carkner

We are missing paradise; we long for wholeness, the meaning of life beyond mere biological  existence, happiness, joy, fulfilment.

Constitutive language can open new spaces for human meanings and identity: new terms, new expressions, enactments, new fields of articulacy and how to recognize and bring to expression new domains of meaning. The disciplined languages of objective description suitable for science are comparatively late achievements of human culture.  In light of all this, it is clear that the regimented, scientific zone can only be a suburb of the vast, sprawling city of language, and could never be the metropolis itself.  (Charles Taylor, The Language Animal)

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