Posted by: gcarkner | May 1, 2022

Charles Taylor on Lost Language

Some elements in modern culture have repressed our language usage, in particular what Charles Taylor calls the ‘meta-biological’, the language of significance. Restricted language means necessarily limited awareness/thinking capacity. This webinar is not about a lost civilization discovered by an anthropologist, but similar. Taylor seeks a recovery of ‘constitutive’ language, and he wants to expand our restricted linguistic horizons to enrich and empower our lives. Dr. Gordon E. Carkner shows the dynamics of the three rungs in Taylor’s ladder of meaning: habits, verbal articulation, and interpretation. Scholar N. T. Wright offers an excellent illustration of Taylor’s expanded linguistic grasp in speaking of the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. He reveals it afresh within a larger landscape of meanings, building out the human imagination. See also Gordon Carkner’s YouTube webinar ‘Charles Taylor and the Modern Quest for Identity.’

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