Posted by: gcarkner | May 15, 2022

Daily Habits Help us Keep Perspective

  1. Eat a good healthy diet: roughage, vegetables, probiotics, prebiotics, good protein and fats.
  2. Kill the ANTS in your life: Automatic Negative Thoughts. They distract from good effort and waste your time and energy.
  3. Exercise daily at some capacity: aerobic and muscle building, plus stretching.
  4. Write, Create, Teach something to someone every day. Invest in the future generation.
  5. Manage your stress and work on your patience when things don’t go your way.
  6. Learn something new–keep an open and active mind. Be a curiosity bug for positive life-affirming content.
  7. Get adequate sleep. This is critical. Set boundaries on your work or burnout will surely come.
  8. Develop a positive peer group, support group. This is priceless to keep you persevering in your quest. They also help you see the lighter side of life.
  9. Do your daily devotions and spend time with God in prayer.
  10. Keep play and pleasure reading in your life.
  11. Bless other people whenever you get the chance–it raises the moral and emotional capital of campus life.

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